Inktober 2015, Day 4: Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth

I noticed that all my inktober pieces had black eyesockets looming about so I decided to go to the polar opposite: The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth. Dude’s eyes are always upfront and lit like a christmas tree. After drawing it though, I feel like the eyes are the weak part of the otherwise brilliant design by the genius Guillermo Del Toro. Almost childlike. Anyway, Pan’s Labyrinth (or “El laberinto del fauno” as it is called by the original title), is a fantastic movie. A must see for a fan of the mystical. Comes highly recommended. No making of video this time, I didn’t see the need for it, as this was just a tedious job of making fine lines for the longest time. No magic to it.

Pale Man, Pan's Labyrinth, in Ink

Pale Man, Pan’s Labyrinth, in Ink

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