Inktober 2015, Day 5: Pennywise from Stephen King’s It

This entry is not so much because of the mini series. I mean sure, IT was disturbing when I was a kid but if there ever was a movie that needed a remake, this would be IT (pun intended). But the book, now that’s a different story. Pennywise is such a fantastic bad guy, the contrast of seemingly nice outlook that turns gradually into something quite sinister. Gotta love it. I made some changes to the look, most notably the shape of the head. I think it looks like it does in the movie because of the wig Tim Curry is wearing. So I thought I don’t have to follow that since it was most likely not intentional originally. Yeah, definitely needs an update.

Pennywise from Stephen King's It, in Ink

Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, in Ink

And the making of video. That music though. It’ll haunt me forever.

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