Inktober 2015, day 7: Kayako Saeki from Ju-On aka The Grudge

The thing about the fantastic culture in Japan is, that they always excel in what they decide to do. Horror movies are no exception.  Takashi Shimizu’s Grudge franchise is no exception. Everything just clicks with it and definitely scares you shitless. And when I say the Japanese excel, well… Let’s just say that if you first watch the original Ju-On or Ringu, and then the American remakes, The Grudge or the Ring, respectively, you’ll notice that Hollywood is not quite there when it comes to atmosphere. I dare you to watch Ju-On and try to go to bed without checking under the bed. No making of video this time, it was a fairly standard ink process, nothing to write home about. Until tomorrow.

Kayako Saeki from Ju-On aka The Grudge in ink

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