Inktober 2015, Day 14: Pet Sematary

After Pet Sematary, you never look at cat’s the same… And even worse, when I saw this back in the day, the next morning, I had to look under the bed before steeping out of it. Not gonna spoil it for you, but this movie is definitely worth watching. Horror classic from Stephen King, hey another creator who made it on this project twice. Sheesh, I gotta see more movies.

I didn’t paint the cat because, well it’s just a damn cat. The internet has enough cat pictures as it is, not gonna contribute to that spam. The kid, well he didn’t have that kind of look in the movie. So I went for something else. Watch the movie!

No video, I was watching Under the Dome (hey, yet another Stephen King original) when I did this. Good times.

Scene from Pet Semetary in InkScene from Pet Semetary in Ink

Scene from Pet Semetary in Ink

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