Inktober 2015, Day 28: Dracula by Christopher Lee

I didn’t specify the name of the movie, the great Christopher Lee portrayed the vampire a respectable 10 times, among them Horror of Dracula and Dracula Has Risen From the Grave. All of them providing pleasant nightmares when I was very little child. I’m fairly certain the Dracula movies were the first horror movies I have ever seen. Interestingly, I remember vividly how terrifying the persona of Lee’s Dracula was even on well lit scenes. He really owned that role. Even when I later saw him in movies like Lord of the Rings or James Bond, he always stuck with me as the count.

Despite that, I don’t think the modern takes on the Dracula mythos are destroying my childhood, I thought Dracula Untold was a brilliant movie. Not a scary movie, but fantastic in any case. Don’t get me started on the Twilight saga though, that’s just wrong. Not to mention thanks to those movies, we have the horrid Fifty Shades drivel. Why did I even bring that crap up… Jesus…

Dracula by Christopher Lee in Ink

Dracula by Christopher Lee in Ink

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