Ok, so like any artist who display their work in public, we get asked these same questions over and over again. And it’s cool, I’m a gear freak myself and I love to see all the possible art supplies there are out there. Just remember that certain pens or brushes don’t make the piece, your hand does. They are just tools. That being said, here goes:

For sketching I have a Rotring Rapid Pro mechanical pencils, 0,5mm with 2H “lead”,

and a Pentel Graphgear 1000 with 0,7mm 2B “lead”.

For drawing, another Rotring Rapid Pro mechanical pencil 2mm with HB “lead”

Inking on the road I use Pentels legendary Pocket Brush Pen, and a variety of Pigma Microns.

At home I use almost exclusively Winsor & Newton brushes, mostly the fabled Series 7 #2. Especially for ink work.

Watercolour paints are again, Winsor & Newton, Professional series.

And finally for paper, as long as I can get them somewhere, Arches Aquarelle 300, and for sketching anything that can take water-colour and ink, usually something with bamboo.

Hope this helps!

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